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Our laboratory, located in the Research Unit of Joan XXIII University Hospital from Tarragona (Tarragona, Spain) is fully equipped to perform health-related biochemistry and molecular biology studies. It also has cell-culture areas for both primary cultures and immortalized cell lines. Analytical facilities are also available. Additionally, the group is integrated into the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of Joan XXIII University Hospital from Tarragona (HJ23), with outpatient clinic facilities and a functional test platform. Surgery Service at the HJ23 are also available to develop the clinical components of our research.


As a group integrated at the IISPV and the CIBERdem, we have access to the following support platforms:


(a) Clinical Trails: to improve the interaction between the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries;


(b) Biobank: a biological sample bank from CIBERdem including Di@betes cohort samples;


(c) Metabolomics;


(d) Proteomics platform.


Moreover, we have access to animal housing facilities as well as technical support and scientific equipment offered by the Scientific and Technical Resource Centre from Rovira i Virgili University.

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