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We combine basic and clinical research to integrate the know-how of both areas and achieve results with a high level of translationally. All our efforts are focused on providing new clues to delineate the pathogenic basis underlying obesity and associated metabolic disorders, which may help to identify new targets for treating these pathologies. We explore the molecular events underlying the communication between organs involved in nutrient regulation, including the adipose tissue, liver, pancreas, gut, and brain.


Our specific topics of interest are:


1- Signaling metabolites as critical players in inter-organ metabolic communication. Looking for new metabolic sensors and therapeutic targets for obesity, T2D, NAFLD, cancer, and atherosclerosis. 


2- Role of Adipose-derived stem cells and non-fat cell fraction of adipose tissue in the pathophysiology of obesity and T2D


3- Impact of metabolic disturbances of Gestational Diabetes on fetal-maternal cross-talk. 


4- Modulation of gut microbiota to manage obesity and its co-morbidities


5- Immunometabolic responses to dietary interventions 


6- Clinical tools and biomarkers for early detection of metabolic dysfunction

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